Innovative Hygiene Solutions

Intaj offers sustainable, high-quality hygiene tissues and products for diverse, everyday personal and professional needs.

Intaj Tissue Products

Global Hygiene Solutions Innovation

Delivering high-quality, eco-friendly tissue products worldwide, with a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Intaj Tissue Selection

We presents a wide variety of tissue products, each customized to address distinct daily requirements, spanning from personal hygiene to cleaning chores.

Extensive Tissue Range

Intaj offers a diverse range of tissue products, each tailored to meet specific everyday needs, from personal hygiene to cleaning tasks.

Core Company Features

Four key features define us: consistent quality, environmental commitment, global reach, and innovative product development.

Quality Assurance

Consistently delivers top-quality, reliable products to customers.

Wide Reach

Expands market presence through a global distribution network.


Actively promotes environmental sustainability in product manufacturing.

Innovative Solutions

Regularly introduces new, cutting-edge products to the market.

Crafted with Care from Premium Materials

Our products are meticulously crafted with care, using only the finest premium materials to ensure superior quality and durability.

Facial Tissues​
Toilet Tissues​
Kitchen Towels​

We specialize in a variety of hygiene products, including tissues, towels, and napkins, for diverse needs.

Yes, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices for environmental conservation.

Based in Lebanon, we offer global distribution to meet international demands.

Intaj Tissues

Intaj provides customization options for bulk orders to meet specific client requirements.

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